Reliant Taps Tendril For Insight Into Its Customers

Earlier this month, Jesse Berst of Smart Grid News outlined how Reliant Energy has been taking customer engagement to the next level with their offering of Tendril’s In-Home Displays (IHD), Tendril Insight, to their customers in Texas.

Here at Tendril, our entire focus is helping our customers to engage with their customers so that they can achieve a wide range of business objectives revolving around energy efficiency, demand management, customer acquisition & retention, customer satisfaction and generation of new revenue opportunities.

This focus on consumer engagement was exactly what Texas utility Reliant Energy was looking for when they enlisted the help of Tendril Insight. In a deregulated market like Texas, Reliant and other utilities have to reduce customer turnover by offering unique products and services. To differentiate themselves, Reliant selected the Tendril Insight IHD, which communicates with networked smart devices, such as thermostats, smart meters and load control switches, and displays information about energy consumption, rates and cost of use.

Beginning in May of 2011, Reliant began offering the IHDs, based on the Tendril Insight but customized by Reliant, to its customers and has since seen significant amounts of interest. With a device feeding real-time information about household energy use onto a small screen, the IHD is the perfect tool for customer empowerment. The Reliant version of the IHD shows:

  • Real-time electricity cost
  • Current usage in both kilowatts and dollars-per-hour
  • Daily energy cost
  • Comparisons to the previous day’s cost
  • Monthly cost tracking with up-to-date cost information

IHDs are just one option for engaging customers around energy usage. Whether it’s paper reports, an online portal, other networked devices or complete home automation, Tendril offers energy providers and product and service providers all the needed touch points to fully engage with its diverse customer base.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tendril’s work with Reliant, please join Reliant’s Mark Smith and Mark Edding, along with two of our own Tendril experts, for the Smart Grid News webinar entitled “Customer Engagement with In-Home Displays” on Wednesday, October 17th. There is still time to register here.

By Ginger Juhl