The Power Behind the Industry’s Largest Home Energy Report Program

Duke Energy just announced that the utility has expanded its My Home Energy Report program into the state of North Carolina, offering the energy efficiency initiative to 500,000 additional residential customers. The program, which is based on the Tendril Energize Reports™ product, is aimed at providing customers with a clear view of their personal energy consumption, insights on how their usage compares to that of their neighbors and ideas for improving efficiency to reduce overall energy costs.

The “My Home Energy Report” is a customized, paper-based energy usage report sent via mail to eligible residential customers. The report groups like homes of similar size, age and location (based on publicly available tax records) and compares the customer’s usage to the average home and efficient homes within the group. The report includes tips and other recommendations for reducing energy usage.

With the launch into North Carolina, the program is now being offered to over a million Duke Energy residential customers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina and North Carolina, making this – we believe – the single largest home energy report program. This is a significant milestone for energy efficiency and for Tendril. With components of the program in the works since 2009, the continued growth of the initiative shows that achieving efficiencies is a sustainable endeavor – that it’s possible to engage customers in reducing consumption — and then keep them engaged. For Tendril, the expansion of the program demonstrates the scalability of both the Tendril Energize application and the Tendril Connect platform that underpins Energize.

Populated via analytics, behavioral science and building modeling embedded within the Connect platform, Energize Reports are now being produced at an average rate of one million per month, an accomplishment that we are very proud to have achieved.

We believe that there are several reasons that the program has been so successful with Duke Energy customers. One, Duke Energy says customers who use the information contained in the reports to make changes in how they use energy are saving an average of 2 percent their annual energy costs, equating to 200 kWh, according to comments made by Duke Energy in a recent webinar with Smart Grid News.

Two, the program is fostering improvements in customer satisfaction. In one of many such public quotes, a Duke Energy customer stated in a recent press release, “This is one of the most useful, practical and readily discernible reports I have ever received from a company. To be able to keep tabs on how we are doing on our energy usage is important to me.” Duke Energy has found that customers who are receiving this report have a higher level of satisfaction with the company and that the report strengthens customer engagement, Duke Energy said in the webinar. Engaging the customer in energy efficiency starts their journey, encouraging them to have greater ownership of their energy use.

Three, the home energy report program sets the stage for future expanded benefits “By encouraging our customers to take control of their energy habits, we are creating sustained energy savings that can then be counted on when we consider options for meeting future energy demand,” said Gayle Lanier, Duke Energy senior vice president and chief customer officer, in the November 19 press release that announced the expansion into North Carolina.

Four, the data management and analytics capabilities of the underlying Tendril-based solution provides Duke with a very systematic application of data integration, analysis and report generation, along with a data driven approach encompassing customer analytics. This provides a rich and highly informational experience in the personalized reports provided to Duke Energy customers – an experience designed to create a desire for more information, more interaction with Duke Energy and even better customer relationships.

At millions of home energy reports and counting, the program has covered new ground when it comes to full deployment across a utility’s service area. Tendril looks forward to working with Duke Energy as we leverage energy management programs to increase customer awareness around home energy management. We congratulate Duke Energy on the success of their program and are proud to be a part of it.