The ESM Platform

The foundation for the Energy Internet is here.

The Tendril Energy Services Management (ESM) platform connects millions of homes across the world seamlessly connecting applications, devices, developers, and utilities. Tendril helps utilities bridge the gap between disparate utility applications across one unified platform, delivering a unified experience not available with point-solutions.

Ingests more than 7 terabytes of data per month

We’ve laid the foundation. Let’s build something great.

Tendril’s open platform enables you to adapt with your changing customers, your changing needs, and constantly evolving technology so your business can thrive. Tendril empowers utilities to tackle problems outside of their data centers.

Start developing for the future with Tendril APIs.

Our clients, channel partners, and 3rd party developers choose from over 20 APIs to build their own utility-grade applications. APIs give you the flexibility to build the application that meets your business today while driving continued innovation for tomorrow.

One integration gives you endless applications.

  • Utilities can integrate with their existing portals or leverage their IT department to build apps in-house.
  • Connect directly to smart meters or integrate with utility MDMS systems.
  • Cloud-to-cloud integrations bridge the gap and enable utilities to connect to any device provider.

Built to scale to millions and millions of households across the globe.

The Tendril ESM platform is built using a best-of-breed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that ensures full redundancy and fault tolerance for all system functions. Our platform is built for utility scale allowing individual services to replicate as demand grows.

Tendril’s platform is designed to handle data at utility scale, ingesting 7TB of data a month. Utility data can be ingested at any frequency, providing near real-time access of end-user energy usage. Cassandra is used as the underlying data store to provide linear write performance for storing grid generated big data. Hadoop provides large-scale batch analytics and insights to power greater segmentation and discovery, giving utilities unprecedented abilities to introduce targeted offers.

Our ESM platform ingests more than seven terabytes of data per month. To put this number in perspective, the web archives at the Library of Congress also grows at a rate of seven terabytes per month.



NIST IR 7628
Smart Grid Cyber



SSAE 16 audited

Security at every level, for your data and for your customers.

We believe that ensuring the privacy and security of our clients’ data is tantamount to our shared success. As a trusted data security and privacy partner, we protect the data our clients have entrusted to us while empowering them to leverage the power of the cloud.

Tendril protects our clients’ data by employing strict security controls at every layer from physical, system and network security to data and application security. These safeguards are continually refined and updated to guarantee a safe and engaging customer experience. We ascribe to best practices in data protection and our security protocols are regularly audited by third parties to ensure ongoing compliance. Our industry-standard approach to data security is in line with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), specifically the NIST IR 7628 Smart Grid Cyber Security Guidelines, and includes the following:

  • Complete segregation and privacy of customer data
  • Tiered data security zones
  • End-to-end security encryption ensuring PII is completely secure
  • Role-based access control
  • Vulnerability management