Advancing the Energy Services Management Market

Leading market analyst firm Manifest Mind examines the Energy Services Management (ESM) market. Included in this comprehensive white paper are industry trends driving the need for a new class of solutions, a definition of the category, the technologies it encompasses and a market forecast through 2020.


The Tendril Physics-based Building Model

This white paper provides an overview of the Tendril physics-based building model, a unique solution that helps differentiate the Tendril ESM Platform from competing solutions on the market.


Webinar: Charting a Path Towards the Future – Capitalizing on the Emerging Energy as a Service Model

The proclamation of a “utility death spiral” is greatly exaggerated but there is no denying the industry is changing.

The increase in distributed generation, the advent of enlightened consumers and an evolving regulatory model are leading to a world in which energy will be delivered as a service. While some have already started this journey, fully realizing the benefits of this model will require new ways of thinking, expanded business models and enhanced technologies.