We are changing the way the world uses energy, and we are accomplishing that together. We invite diverse thinking and curious minds, because we know that leads to more innovative outcomes. We say yes to the big challenges like powering more of the world using smarter energy. We challenge ourselves and the status quo...all for the greater good. We are data geeks, behavior changers, disruptors and inventors. We are rebels with a cause.


The Teams

  • leadership
  • creative
  • customer success
  • decision science
  • engineering
  • finance & administration
  • product & solutions marketing
  • sales & marketing
  • technical operations
  • Travis Allen

    Helpdesk Administrator

  • Casey Anderson

    Engineering Manager

  • Sarah Babetski

    Senior UX Designer

  • Bree Baczynski

    Operations Manager

  • Martha Bawn

    Data Scientist

  • Chris Black


  • Clarissa Briner

    Software Engineer

  • Greg Buschur

    Assistant Controller

  • Josh Caldwell

    Design Director - UI/UX

  • Erik Carlsen

    Software Engineer

  • Anna Carvill

    Account Manager

  • Marcel Casadó

    Software Engineer

  • Nick Chambers

    Software Engineer

  • Micaela Christopher

    Decision Science Manager

  • Brent Clark

    Senior Cloud & Infrastructure Systems Engineer

  • Brandon Craig

    Software Engineer

  • Brian Crosby

    Data Scientist

  • Brett Dangerfield

    Engineering Manager

  • Chelsey Davis

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Patricia DeBough

    Director of Brand and Field Marketing

  • Sarah Delp

    Project Manager

  • Raymundo Diaz

    Software Engineer

  • Lark Dunham

    Product Manager

  • Alex Ebelhar

    UI/UX Designer

  • Eric Ellington

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Adam Farabaugh

    Research Analyst in Marketing

  • Kyle Feldhus

    Sr. Platform Engineer

  • Brett Feldman

    Energy Data Scientist

  • Lauren Friends

    Sr Financial Analyst

  • Tim Gallagher

    VP Sales

  • Mark Gately

    Decision Science Director

  • Jeremy Goldsmith

    Director of Engineering

  • David Grant

    SVP Sales & Marketing

  • Amy Gyamerah

    Sr Account Manager

  • DJ Hagberg

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Zach Handy

    Sr Account Manager

  • Clay Harris

    Utility Sales Director

  • Devren Hobbs

    Director, Product Energy Efficiency & Engagement

  • Colin Hoernig

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Marissa Hummon Ph.D.

    Director, Product Demand Management

  • Kara Ireland

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Sahan Jayasumana

    Software Engineer -- Big Data

  • John Jeffers

    DevOps Engineer

  • Kristen Karls

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Tom Karpeichik

    Old School

  • Madison Kelliher

    Marketing Specialist

  • Alexandra Kessler

    Senior Accountant

  • Mark Koch

    Engineering Manager

  • Jaylene Kunze

    VP of Accounting

  • Ivor Kusters

    VP Sales Europe

  • Brad Langley

    Sr Director, Corp Marketing & Communications

  • Eric "The Dream" Leach

    UI Designer

  • Ihno Lee, Ph.D.

    Behavioral Scientist

  • Galen Leith

    Creative Director

  • Ben Lieber

    UI Engineer

  • Jason Litton

    Software Engineer

  • Bryan Lott

    Senior Engineer

  • Nomi Malik

    Director of Strategic Alliances

  • Gloria Mallard

    Assistant to the CEO

  • Amy Marmolejo


  • Tom Marquis

    Senior Motion Designer

  • Eric Martin

    Senior Account Manager

  • Anna Mefford

    Customer Operations Engineer

  • Jake Meier


  • Nate Meier

    Data Engineer

  • Jess Melanson

    VP of Product and Solutions Marketing

  • Kiresten Millar

    Proposal Manager

  • Will Misko

    Project Manager

  • Tarla Moede

    Account Manager

  • Nate Moore

    Building Scientist

  • Taylor Names

    Decision Science Manager

  • Nick Nielsen

  • Alex Osteen

    Decision Science Manager

  • John Pelletier

    Product Manager

  • Janet Petrie

    Talent Acquisition / HR Business Partner

  • Christopher Phelps

    Software Engineer

  • Monty Prekeris

    Decision Science Manager

  • Elaine Reddy

    Communications Director

  • Aaron Rich

    Engineering Manager

  • Lanette Robertson

    Office Assistant

  • Shelby Rombach


  • Michaela Rothschild

    Product Manager

  • Zach Rowley

    Customer Success

  • Jeff Ruane

    Software Engineer

  • Brian Schlatter

    Software Engineer

  • Sam Shrank

    Solutions Marketing

  • Craig Shuck

    Paper Ops Engineer

  • Eric Sigler

    Software Engineer

  • Adrienne Sikes

    Sr Accountant

  • Tamara Sinensky

    Project Manager

  • Justin Sousa

    Sr. IT Administrator

  • Jeff Sowders

    Technical Lead

  • Erica Swanson

    Data Scientist

  • Adrian Tuck


  • Jeanette Tucker (aka G-Net)

    Support Manager - HR/Facilities/Admin

  • David Tuohy

    SVP & GM Europe

  • Jonathan Van Eenwyk

    Sr. Platform Engineer

  • Julian Ward

    Account Development Manager

  • Mark Watson

    Platform Engineer

  • Mike Weadley

    Senior Product Manager

  • Ben Weisel

    Engineering Manager

  • Cully West

    Software Engineer

  • Joe Wofford

    Data Scientist

  • Naomi Wood

    Office Manager

  • Jeff Woodward

    Business Development Manager

  • Jason Zerbe

    Software Engineer