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An Introduction to CDM: Continuous Demand Management

Originally published on 11/8/16, updated as of 12/18/17

You may be thinking, “CDM? Great, one more acronym to learn,” and yes, we can’t deny our role in adding yet another TLA (three-letter-acronym) to the list, but we promise this one is worth knowing.

So what is CDM?

Continuous Demand Management (CDM) is a new approach to residential load management. CDM simultaneously employs connected home devices (like smart thermostats), energy analytics (like consumer and operational data), and energy market prices to automate residential load management on a daily basis, eliminating the need for episodic events. This method enables utilities to:

  • Optimize their demand response programs
  • Make better financial decisions
  • Support the integration and management of DERs
  • Increase the predictability and realization of energy efficiency savings
  • Decrease peak load consumption

How it works:

Utility system operators employ a sophisticated energy analytics platform to analyze homes’ thermal profiles, customer schedules, and temperature preferences to determine how and when it is best to schedule loads, moving energy use to periods when overall demand is low. CDM also turns homes with demand-side generation capabilities from a liability into an asset by making DERs a visible, dispatchable resource for the grid, helping lower peak-demand when needed.

Why CDM should move to the top of your favorite utility acronyms list:

CDM is a revolutionary demand side management approach that finally meets the needs of both the utility and the customer. Utilities deliver energy at the lowest system cost by creating a unique dispatch schedule for every house, every day, while consumers save money and time--without sacrificing comfort--by automating their energy use.

In fact, during our 2017 summer roll outs, our CDM solution Orchestrated Energy consistently exceeded our energy efficiency, demand response and customer satisfaction goals. Read more on that here.

To learn more about CDM, download The Time is Now - Demand More from DR




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