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Orchestrated Energy, The Future of DSM

Demand side management is broken. That’s right, we said it.

You may not agree, but consider this example from the world of traditional demand response: Direct Load Control (DLC). Participants in DLC programs suffer uncomfortable temperatures during peak periods when they need their HVAC units the most. DLC programs work at the expense of the customer’s comfort, with no insight into the conditions of the home. As a result, these programs can only be utilized a handful of times per year, and at significant expense, making them very limited tools to address system inefficiencies. Does that sound ideal to you?

Of course there are other options -- take Behavioral Demand Response (BDR), for example. At first glance, BDR seems like a reasonable, less-obtrusive and customer-friendly option, right? Wrong. You’re completely reliant upon your customers with no way of knowing if they’ll participate and how effective that will be. And how many times can you really ask your customers for help before they get frustrated? BDR is neither dispatchable nor predictable and because of this, it will fall short of expectations.

In fact, for almost forty years, utilities, regulators, government agencies, and other stakeholders have been working to build, maintain, and improve DSM through various energy efficiency and demand response programs, but have yet to develop a system that benefits all players...until now.

Today, we announced Tendril Orchestrated Energy, the first cloud software solution enabling utilities to optimize system operation and customer comfort.

Orchestrated Energy is a Continuous Demand Management (CDM) solution that calculates a home’s thermal mass, predicts consumer behavior and integrates with smart thermostats, and soon other classes of devices, to create a unique dispatch schedule for every home, every day.

Some of the largest utilities in North America have run Orchestrated Energy pilot programs that resulted in reduced HVAC peak load by up to 50 percent and lowered energy consumption from cooling by up to 20 percent, a 2-3X improvement over what smart thermostats are able to achieve on their own.

Orchestrated Energy is the first solution that truly bridges the gap between the home and the grid, helping utilities optimize between customer and system needs. We look forward to discussing how Orchestrated Energy can revolutionize your DSM strategy. In the meantime, check out the following to learn more:

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