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Orchestrated Energy’s 2017 Summer Success Story

The results are in! Tendril Orchestrated Energy had an incredible summer. It made an impact across the nation in 15 states and across more than 1,000 smart thermostats. While we were hiking our 14ers in Colorado or jetting to a coastal beach, Orchestrated Energy was putting in the work to be the fittest, most proven demand management solution on the market. And it paid off.

As a reminder, Orchestrated Energy is cloud-based analytical software that connects to devices in the home to shift peak load, achieve energy efficiency (EE) savings, and maintain customer comfort.

You can read all the details in our recently released Orchestrated Energy case study with results provided by Apex Analytics: The Results are In: Tendril Orchestrated Energy Excels in 2017 Roll Outs. But here’s the gist:

We set out to double the load shift from HVAC for each demand response (DR) event, as well as double the efficiency of smart thermostats. So how did we do?

During some unusual DR events (due primarily to devastating hurricanes) we achieved an average load shift of 70-90% per household through smart thermostat optimization, and we think we can achieve 1.8-2.3 kW per household during critical peak events. The average EE savings across our programs was 13.4% in addition to the 10% deemed savings of a smart thermostat operating without Orchestrated Energy.

It’s easy to achieve results when you control devices, but it’s not easy to achieve results and maintain customer satisfaction. Most participants couldn’t even tell that Orchestrated Energy was running. “So far so good. Not 100 percent sure what's been going on behind the scenes, but no complaints,” noted one Orchestrated Energy participant. This feedback is exactly what we hoped for: substantial savings with no customer impact.

93% of customers were neutral to pleased about Orchestrated Energy overall and 94% were comfortable throughout the summer. And they stuck with it: less than 2% of folks opted out. In a world of utility J.D. Power scores that are climbing, but still not where many utilities want them to be, it’s a homerun for Orchestrated Energy’s first time up to bat.




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