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E Source Forum 2017: Owning the Energy Experience

At this year’s opening plenary, E Source CEO Wayne Greenberg called for utilities to take ownership of the entire energy experience: “We’ve talked about customer-side management and the journey from DSM to CSM for three years now…We’re not telling you to manage your customers, we’re telling you to look at the affairs of your company and to manage the relationships you have with your customers, and to put customers at the center of your thinking...Turn upside down the way you’ve looked at product planning, load analysis, and load management.”

Greenberg’s ‘energy experience’ speaks to designing every aspect of utility functions to be geared toward the customer relationship. To move in this direction, he encouraged utilities to focus on three main areas:

New products
“New products are the lifeblood of every firm,” he noted, reinforcing the need for human-centered design (or design thinking) in product development that will allow utilities to get inside the needs and desires of customers.

Greenberg pointed out that the lowered costs of data storage is a fundamental game changer. In 2010, it cost $80,000 to store one petabyte, in two years, it will cost $4. It’s what utilities do with their data, he clarified, that will make all the difference. Utilities can take the voice of their customers and employees, understand their needs and desires, better segment their audience, offer a unified omnichannel experience, and gain real-time, cross-department access to feedback.

Partnering with disintermediaries
Visionaries are entering the space, and disrupting the utility business model is their business model. “These companies used to be your allies, now they’re your frenemies,” said Greenberg. He encouraged utilities to partner with disintermediaries and capitalize on the capabilities they can bring to customers, instead of doing nothing and risk being left in the dust.

Stay tuned as we provide more insights from this year’s E Source Forum here in Denver, Colorado!




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