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Tendril and Duke Energy Save Customers One Terawatt Hour

The results are in: Duke Energy, a premier U.S. utility company with roughly 7.3 million customers, announced today that its customers have surpassed 1 terawatt hour in energy savings with its My Home Energy Report (My HER) Program which Tendril is a proud partner of. This program is the first in the world to reach this kind of milestone, and is evidence that leveraging energy intelligence to personalize the customer experience reaps enormous value.

At the heart of our approach is data and analytics. As we mentioned in our 2016 Trends series, increased innovation is possible with data analytics software. Advanced solutions that employ energy intelligence can improve program participation and engagement, increase the impact of behavioral energy efficiency programs, help energy providers develop new programs, boost customer satisfaction … and more. Duke Energy’s MyHER program is proof positive this approach works and leads to huge energy savings. Check out our case study for even more information on our work with Duke.

And just how huge is 1 terawatt hour of energy? According to Duke’s press release, that’s enough to:

  • Light over 1 million homes for a year
  • Cool 500,000 homes for a full year
  • Fully power 70,000 homes for a year

Talk about mind boggling. Are you ready to achieve this kind of success? Reach out and we’ll show you how.





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