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The Year of the Smart Thermostat

After reading Utility Dive’s ‘10 trends shaping the electric utility industry in 2017’ I felt that one key utility trend was underserved: the deployment of smart thermostats.

While Gavin Bade did give a nod to DER proliferation, he largely glossed over smart thermostats and dove right into the controversy around rooftop solar. The polarizing nature of solar is alluring, of course, but focusing on a DER that has seen multiple barriers to market and is currently at just more than 1% penetration is causing a bit of a blind spot in my opinion. It shadows over the one DER that today is capable of driving the industry toward the widespread two-way power flows and responsive demand that all DERs have been promising - yet have failed to deliver.

Given the opportunity to add an eleventh trend to the list, it would be this: Smart thermostats will become the “killer DER” the industry has been waiting for.

Beyond being highly affordable and universally accessible, smart thermostats create significant value for utilities and consumers alike. They are readily programmable, present immediate energy efficiency benefits and offer utilities more affordable, customer-friendly options for managing demand.

The market for smart thermostats is growing steadily. Currently installed in 5 million homes across the US, Accenture predicts that that number will increase tenfold in less than a decade. Utilities across the US are increasingly leveraging smart thermostats as their ticket into the smart home - from basic energy efficiency efforts to more sophisticated demand response pilots - and we expect this trend to only continue.

To learn more about how smart thermostats will play a critical role ushering in an era of consumer centricity and helping to transform the grid, download “Smart Thermostats: The Killer DER” by Tendril’s VP of Solutions Marketing, Jess Melanson.

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