Proven solution with the largest-of-its-kind third-party validation.


EEme has conducted the industry’s only comprehensive and publicly available 3rd party validation for its unique Disaggregation-as-a-Service™ technology.


Pecan Street Project, an independent technology test-bed located in Austin, TX, evaluated the EEme platform against actual appliance-level ground-truth energy data collected via individual sensors across hundreds of homes.


For the validation study completed in January 2015, EEme used whole-home smart meter data collected in 15-minute intervals whereas EEme’s recent study performed in April 2016 was based on 1-second smart meter data. For both validation studies, EEme received only historical whole-home interval data in Watts and zip code information for each building. Download both studies below.

Download the April 2016, 1-second interval validation study.

Download the January 2015, 15-minute interval validation study.