Episode 4

How Do Google Glass, Segway and Smart Thermostats Illustrate the Surprising Ways Tech Evolves?

← Podcast Home Guests: Steven Levy, Lindsay Luger
Hosts: Brad Langley, Devren Hobbs, Stephen Lacey (Producer)
June 20, 2019

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New technologies and products fail all the time — but sometimes those failures turn into something unexpected. In this episode, we’re exploring the surprising ways that technology evolves.


Remember Segway, the personal transporter that became a cultural joke? Turns out, it’s a major force behind the scooter revolution.


Remember Google Glass, the augmented-reality glasses that freaked everyone out and became an object of scorn? Well, it's now a powerful tool in manufacturing and industry.


Tendril has a few examples of technology investments that didn’t pan out — but they led down a path to other interesting areas of product development. We’ll revisit a few of them.


We’ll also talk with a venture capitalist who’s evaluating all kinds of consumer technologies — some without an obvious application in energy — that could benefit the way utilities deliver services.


Guests featured in this episode:

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