Energy Assessments

Tendril Energy Assessments serve two core functions - they produce dynamic, action oriented, consumer-facing reports, and fine-tune our home simulation model. Our Assessments can be completed by the homeowner or facilitated by an auditor to collect information on appliance type and electricity usage across a range of areas, including heating, cooling, lighting, water heating and pool/spa pumps.


Surveys can be pre-populated


Information provided is used to enhance our understanding of the customer


The customer is provided with a checklist of EE savings tip

Design that Delights the User

Deliver an experience that is intuitive for the homeowner or auditor, and produces a useful, engaging report.

Scenarios and Simplicity

Algorithms adjust input parameters to simulate changes in a customer’s home and calculate the impacts of energy-saving building, appliance or behavior modifications.

Multiple Paths to Completion

Customers can self-complete assessments online, over the phone or by filling out worksheets, or they can be administered by professionals.

Results & Validation

Tendril products address important market needs and deliver meaningful results to utilities.


The number of customers that complete Tendril Energy Assessments after starting one


The average amount of energy a typical household can save by conducting an assessment, according to the Department of Energy

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