Engagement Portal

To truly engage today's digital consumers, you must provide a rich, interactive experience. The Tendril Engagement Portal is the premier digital engagement product on the market. It gives energy providers a customizable, branded site for their customers to obtain a disaggregated view of whole home consumption, similar home comparisons, customized messaging and targeted promotions. And because consumer needs change, our Engagement Portal is continuously evolving to provide the information needed to make smarter decisions.

AMI and Non-AMI

Yearly and monthly views without AMI data; daily view with AMI data


Accessible from any mobile phone or tablet


Challenge emails create community and competition

Interactive Design that Delights the User

Delivers what consumers demand from their service providers - a tailored experience that keeps them engaged and interested.

Actionable Goal Setting and Gamification

Encourages the creation of a personalized savings plan to achieve goals, take actions, track progress and compete with others.

Robust Library of Tips and Recommendations

Tendril’s library of 153 energy-saving actions include projected cost savings and account for seasonality. Customers set goals, create plans to achieve goals and earn points for their engagement.

Results & Validation

Tendril products address important market needs and deliver meaningful results to utilities.


Increase in the number of customers that accessed our portal in one month after switching from a competitor


The number of questions users have posed to Tendril’s “Ask an Expert” feature


Open rates for Energy Challenge emails, nearly double industry standard

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