High Usage Alerts

With Tendril High Usage Alerts, you can send proactive communications partway through a billing cycle if customers are exceeding their regular usage. The notifications come via text or email and guide customers through actions they can take to immediately lower expenses and prevent future spikes. And best of all, the notifications don't require AMI data and are easy to implement, meaning you can quickly start sending alerts.


Proactive communication between bills alert customers when they exceed their normal energy consumption

Action Oriented

Guides customers with practical tips to manage consumption


Includes information about weather, estimated costs, prior bill total and difference in expected bill amount

With or Without AMI

Our home simulation model doesn't need smart meter data, which means you can send mid-cycle alerts to any energy consumer.

Reduces Call Center Volume

According to Gartner, 63% of the calls that utilities receive from customers are bill-related. Our High Usage Alerts can reduce call center volume by 7%.

Easy to Get Started

The SaaS nature of our platform means you can start providing multi-channel alerts and notifications very quickly.

Results & Validation

Tendril products address important market needs and deliver meaningful results to utilities.


High open rates are based on best-in-class design and tailored content


Percentage of customers at a Midwest utility that reported being satisfied or neutral with our High Usage Alerts


The cost of a single call regarding a high bill complaint

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