Home Energy Analytics

Dramatically improve DSM program planning and performance with the industry’s premier demand side analytics software. Tendril Home Energy Analytics puts the power of the Tendril Platform in the hands of utility DSM program managers and marketers.


Tap into hundreds of thousands of data points on energy consumers


Understand how people use energy and what motivates them to act


Deliver complex analytics in an interface so intuitive anyone can use it

Supercharge DSM and Customer Experience Programs

Tendril Home Energy Analytics provides program managers and marketers with a detailed view of energy consumers so they can better understand how people use energy, the products and services they want to purchase and how they will respond to messaging.

Bring the Power of an IT Solution to All Users

Tendril Home Energy Analytics taps directly into the Tendril Platform to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points. By providing easy search capability and delivering insights in a simple-to-use web interface, Tendril is eliminating the need for the complex IT tools previously required to make sense of mass amounts of data.

Support a Range of Meaningful Use Cases

Tendril Home Energy Analytics provides the insights and actions DSM program managers and marketers need to drive significant program value. This includes customer engagement, program design, system planning, customer operations and regulatory proceedings.

Results & Validation

Tendril products address important market needs and deliver meaningful results to utilities.


Personalizing cross-promotion yielded a 2.3x uplift in response rates when marketing a lighting program


Reduce the time it takes to perform segmentation from weeks to minutes

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