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When you run North America's largest Home Energy Report (HER) program, you are doing something right. Tendril HERs combine behavioral science and physics-based home simulation to give customers actionable data on how they use energy and personalized tips to conserve. Reports can be delivered through email or mail, and give consumers a close-up view of their individual usage data, comparisons to similar residences, and practical, easy-to-follow recommendations. Tendril HERs support electric, gas and dual-fuel programs.


Content is individualized based on usage and behavior


Program results are measured by trusted third parties


More than 120 million HERs sent and 3.3 TWh saved

Years of proven results

Across more than 15 independent third-party impact evaluations, Tendril utility partners achieve an average of 1.8% savings per household, including low-income and multi-family treatment waves, and 3.3 TWh of total energy savings.

Truly personalized content and savings projections

Personalized performance metrics are calculated based on weather patterns, household characteristics and third-party demographic and premise data, not simply derived from historic consumption.

Proven to positively impact customer satisfaction

Tendril HERs have an average customer satisfaction score of 8.17 on a 10-point scale, and more than half of customers say that Tendril HERs have a direct, positive impact on their satisfaction. Third-party evaluations reveal that customers prefer Tendril HERs when compared to our largest competitor’s reports.

Results & Validation

Tendril products address important market needs and deliver meaningful results to utilities.

100 million

Number of reports we have sent to customers across the country, resulting in 3.3 TWh saved


Number of trees planted to offset the environmental impact of printing paper reports


Number of homes we can power for a year with the energy saved from our HER programs

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