Orchestrated Energy

It’s time to modernize demand management by connecting the grid to the smart home. Orchestrated Energy is a cloud-based, device-agnostic solution that optimizes smart devices to dramatically curtail peak load and double the energy efficiency of smart thermostats, while fully meeting customers’ needs.


Shift peak load from HVAC usage by up to 85 percent


Make grid edge resources visible, predictable, and dispatchable


Use smart devices to become the energy optimizer of the connected home

Optimize Energy for Every Home

Create a unique and personalized optimization plan for every home, every day based on building characteristics, local weather patterns, system conditions, and individual needs of the consumer.

Maintain Customer Comfort

Customers set their basic preferences and Orchestrated Energy learns additional patterns and tendencies. It then optimizes around the system needs, but without ever violating the customer's desired comfort band.

Delivers Scalable Orchestration

Orchestrated Energy sits atop an open software platform that can work with any distributed generation, storage or smart energy device in the home. So it scales to manage the entire connected home simultaneously, and manages multiple homes to optimize a neighborhood, circuit, region or entire system. It can then be dispatched like a virtual power plant, making it a true utility resource.

Results and Validation

Orchestrated Energy is modernizing demand management. It improves on today’s demand response practices, prepares utilities for the DER-dominated grid of the future and proliferates the adoption of smart thermostats.


70-90% DR Event Load Shift


93% Satisfaction Rating


Over 13% additional energy efficiency savings


Less than 2% Opt-Outs


Up to three times more load shift compared to typical DR events

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