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The Amazon Effect: Energy in the On Demand Era and What It Means for Utilities

Before you click away, fearful this is another story about how utilities need to be more like Amazon or how this one-time Internet retailer is going to become the utility of the future, rest assured this is not that kind of story. Instead, it’s an overview of three practical steps to deal with what you, as utility executives, already know: disruption is here and it will only accelerate. And as many of you have already begun designing strategies for disrupting your own business models, our intent is to provide other ideas for accelerating your transition into a new world of on-demand energy services. Tendril doesn’t have all the answers, but in over a decade of straddling the worlds of monopoly utilities and disruptive startups, we’ve seen some guiding principles and best practices that can shape a utility’s strategy for thriving in the evolving energy ecosystem. However, to successfully address these points, it’s important to understand what an Amazon energy offer might look like…Download our ebook to read more.


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