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Tendril Launches First-of-its-Kind Energy Application Developer Program

Application Developers Invited to Build on Tendril Connect Cloud Platform to Access More than 35 Utilities on Three Continents

Tendril Announces Sponsorship of Cleanweb Hackathon

BOULDER, Colo.–Aug. 24, 2011 – Tendril, the provider of the cloud platform for the Energy Internet, today announced the launch of the Tendril Connect™ Platform Application Developer Program, which will allow select developers to build on the Tendril Connect cloud platform to deliver innovative energy applications to more than 35 utilities and energy service providers, representing a market of 70 million addressable households across three continents. In addition, Tendril announced that it is sponsoring the Cleanweb Hackathon on Sept. 10-11 at pariSoma in San Francisco, and will provide its platform APIs as well as a data set to participants to test drive Tendril Connect.

“We’ve opened our APIs and invite application developers to use them to engage with the mass-market energy industry to unleash the next killer app,” said Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril. “Developing on the Tendril Connect cloud platform means that, with a single application, a developer can leapfrog seven years of deep integration work to deliver it immediately. The app will be deployable across all major meter infrastructures, open and proprietary communication protocols, utility back-office environments, numerous operating systems like Android and iOS, and a potentially limitless number of user touch points and devices.

“Our network of utility customers represents an available market of 70 million addressable households, a huge audience that is ripe for innovation in energy management,” Tuck added.

The Tendril Connect platform is an open, secure, extensible cloud platform that enables standards-based communications to support millions of networked devices, immense amounts of data and intelligence, enable remote management capabilities, and support an emerging marketplace of new services.

Currently in a pilot phase, participants get early access to the Tendril Connect APIs, documentation, sample code and help forums. The Tendril Connect Application Developer Program is already underway with several companies utilizing the platform, including Whirlpool Corporation. In January, Whirlpool announced it was extending the Tendril Connect platform to enable the roll-out of smart appliances and as part of that effort has begun to build its own application on the Tendril Connect platform.

Interested application developers can pre-enroll in the Tendril Connect Application Developer Program by registering at

Developers interested in participating in the Cleanweb Hackathon should visit to register. Registration is free.

Application Developer Program Extension of Tendril Connect Platform Partner Program

The Tendril Application Developer Program is a natural evolution of the Tendril Connect Platform Partner Program, which was launched over two years ago and now includes more than 25 partners that span the energy ecosystem. From large industry players, like Siemens Energy, to the leading smart meter makers and top advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) vendors, to cutting-edge smart device and appliance producers like ThinkEco, Tendril’s partners are utilizing the power of the Tendril Connect cloud platform to capitalize on new revenue and market opportunities, differentiate products and services, increase customer satisfaction, accelerate time to market and improve margins.

In addition to Tendril Connect Application Developer Program, the Tendril Connect Platform Partner Program includes:

Platform-to-Platform (P2P) Partners—P2P partners are integrating their platform with Tendril Connect to expand product offerings with new end-to-end solutions, and speeding delivery with the “integrate once, deploy anywhere” approach. P2P partners include Siemens Energy, Lockheed Martin and UISOL, top AMI vendors Landis + Gyr, and Itron, and leading home automation provider Vivint.

Device Developer Program—Device developer partners either interoperate with the Tendril Connect platform, or license Tendril’s technology and include it in their hardware. To date, Tendril’s technology can be found in numerous in-market devices, including in-home energy displays, programmable thermostats, smart plugs, appliances, load control switches and more. There are more than 15 Device Developer Partners including Computime, Entek, Jetlun, ThinkEco and Whirlpool and the program currently supports more than 20 devices.