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Tendril Energy Efficiency

Tendril is the only data analytics software provider to support your energy management needs today and into the future.

Our Platform is meticulously crafted to deliver the results our utility partners rely on: educating customers and earning their trust, reducing calls to the contact center, and increasing customer satisfaction - all the while delivering superior Energy Efficiency savings.

Our platform's sophisticated algorithms enable us to produce home comparisons that make sense, based on parameters like average consumption, home size, number of occupants, and more.

Unbiased energy insights and helpful recommendations are communicated to customers through Home Energy Reports and an engagement portal, both of which help achieve EE program goals without spurring negative feedback.

While we have a selection of home energy report and web portal templates that are proven to drive results, we can also customize and tailor the experience for your customers to maximize your brand value.

While we believe strongly in our existing engagement tools, at Tendril, disruption is at the core of our DNA. So we work tirelessly with our utility customers to chart a path to the future.

For instance, we’re partnering with JD Power to improve how consumers rate their utilities, and implementing advanced cadence options and HER formats to optimize program treatment. We are also testing HER advertising to improve the bottom line.

Additionally, we’re looking beyond the Home Energy Report to ensure you’re meeting your customers where they are: on mobile devices and in the connected home.

Tendril MyHome is a native mobile app that unifies all customer-facing utility functions in one location – without the need to replace existing systems like outage notifications or bill pay.

Tendril Orchestrated Energy enables you to execute traditional demand response programs, as well as offer the more consumer friendly Continuous Demand Management functionality, by controlling devices in the home.

Right now, you have the opportunity to define the next-generation of energy efficiency. Achieve a better today, and a better tomorrow, with Tendril.

For more information, download Better Today, Better Tomorrow: Energy Efficiency Programs with Tendril.


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