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The Tendril Platform

Today's energy ecosystem is complex. Utilities that want to thrive today and in the future turn to the Tendril Platform for customer analytics. Learn more today.

The energy industry is evolving.

The path to the future lies not in just data...But in the insights derived from data, and using those insights to drive actions.

Point solutions have popped up across the energy ecosystem, but they don’t provide a complete view of the customer.

With data spread around multiple closed systems, utilities have struggled to generate the customer insights needed to grow a thriving behind-the-meter business.

It’s time to unlock the value of the Tendril Platform, the only DSM data analytics solution that supports utilities’ needs today and into the future.

Integrated, adaptable and scalable, the Tendril Platform extends the benefits of the emerging energy cloud to end users.

Utilities gain the customer analytics and strategic partnerships needed to deliver more than just electrons, and customers enjoy a consistent experience throughout their journey.

Gain a 360 degree view of your customers, create new value through communities of customers and third-party partnerships, and lower operating costs by optimizing existing assets.

Experience the Tendril Platform.


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