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Emerging Technology Altering Demand Side Management

For years the utility industry has wanted tools to reduce customers’ use of air conditioning during hot days of heavy load. Getting consumers onboard with the idea has always been a tough sell and it’s been that way for a long time.

“The utility industry’s demand response initiatives have not changed much over the past 35 years – at their core, they still center around cutting off air conditioners during peak times, putting the needs of the grid over the needs of the customer,” says Jess Melanson, VP of Utility Solutions and Strategy for Tendril, a software company based in Boulder, Colorado.

Firms like Tendril are currently working hard to change the demand response game through technological advances that bridge the gap between the utility’s needs and the customer’s comfort and costs...

Download the playbook to find out how Tendril’s latest innovation in continuous demand management (CDM) finds the balance between utility system needs and customer comfort. 


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